Kelek TDBK movement jump-hour chronograph.

Trusted Retailers

A list of vintage watch dealers and auction houses that we at A Tropical Dial have personally vetted for the purchase of vintage watches. Buy with confidence from these venues.

Trusted Retailers of vintage watches

Wind Vintage

Eric Wind is a former specialist in vintage watches at Christie's, and has a wide and varied knowledge of the markets. He has been featured in numerous magazine articles, and regularly gives talks on collecting vintage watches.

We particular love his passion for lesser known brands - you wont just find Rolex's on his website.

AC loves the 105.012 Omega Speedmaster and Angelus Chronodato purchased from Eric.

Menta Watches

Adam at Menta Watches seems to come across far more than his fair share of hard to find vintage watches. The sheer variety and volume of watches that come across his desk is impressive, and you'll also find him regularly auctioning watches on eBay.

We love the honesty of his descriptions, and the honest answers he gives to pointed questions on his products.

AC has purchased a Movado M95 from Adam, and the piece was even better than illustrated in the photos.


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